LOOK: Pretty College Student Earns Praise for Teaching and Spending Time with Street Kids

A pretty college student with a heart of gold has earned praise across social media for her big heart for street kids in her neighborhood. Identified as Dara Mae Tuazon after a post on Facebook page UM Freedom Wall went viral, this lovely lady has truly earned the admiration of people on the internet.

According to UM Freedom Wall, Tuazon is praised for helping the street kids outside the school gates learn how to read – and it was easy to see that she didn’t feel ashamed to be seen with these kids and wasn’t disgusted over their appearance.

Photo by UM Freedom Wall / Facebook

A lot of netizens commented on the post, revealing that the photos posted on UM Freedom Wall weren’t the first time that Tuazon was spotted spending time with the street kids. Several of them attested to the fact that the pretty college student enjoys teaching these kids during her break time and after school hours.

On her Facebook page, Tuazon has shared a number of photos of her and the street kids – and it really was clear that she loves them all! In fact, she spent her Valentine’s Day date with these kids!

It turned out Tuazon is aspiring to become a preschool teacher and loves kids so much. Still, there are a lot of education students and even teachers who don’t give their time for street kids! So, Tuazon is truly a person with a heart of gold…

What do you think of this lovely girl with a huge heart?

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