LOOK: ‘Lolo Fashionista’ Goes Viral for Elegant Suits He Wears on Daily Commute to Work

Screenshots from video by GMA News

Even though he’s already 72 years old, Lolo Alex braves the daily 3-hour commute from his home in Pampanga to his workplace in Manila where he is a master cutter at a tailoring shop specializing in suits– but this dapper grandpa has gotten viral as ‘Lolo Fashionista’ after a number of netizens spotted him sporting elegant suites while riding public utility vehicles.

In the hot climate of the Philippines, Lolo Alex’s long-sleeved suits were definitely noticeable especially because formal clothing like the ones he hears every day are often only used in special occasions in the country! So, what gives?

Screenshots from video by GMA News

Well, in his job as master cutter at the tailoring shop, he has long mastered the art of creating suits. In fact, he has prepared suits for several of the country’s top showbiz personalities, including Alden Richards, Christian Bautista, and many others.

So, he also made some suits for himself – and since he doesn’t have a lot of occasions and parties to use those suits in, he decided to just wear them to work!

So, every single day, as he commutes to work, he always looks dapper in a suit! This has gained him some attention on social media, with people dubbing him as ‘Lolo Fashionista’. These days, his daily commutes can sometimes be interrupted by fans who ask him to pose for a groufie.

Lolo Alex certainly loves the attention! He revealed in an interview with GMA News that he had long wished to become famous – and he’s certainly gotten his wish at long last!

What do you think of this dapper grandpa?