LOOK: Jeep with ‘Manual Climate Control’ Goes Viral… Would You Use the Native ‘Pamaypay’?

With the Philippines being a tropical country but our forest cover becoming lesser and lesser, we are experiencing hotter days despite the fact that La Niña is currently upon us! Of course, there are plenty of ways to cool off in these hot times even while traveling – like buying an air conditioned car, for example, but what about those can’t afford that purchase?

They can take air conditioned buses but those who prefer the cheaper jeepneys have no choice other than to pray that it will be a bit windy so they can enjoy a respite from the heat.

Photo credit: Ian Kristoffer Salcedo Bulanhagui / Facebook – Top Gear Philippines

One jeepney driver has taken that into consideration. With the welfare of his passengers in mind, this unnamed guy did what other jeepney drivers haven’t considered doing: he put native ‘pamaypay’ in his jeep!

These caught the attention of netizen Ian Kristoffer Salcedo Bulanhagui who shared a snapshot of the unique jeep with Top Gear Philippines captioned, “Dual-zone manual climate control.

Cool, isn’t it?