LOOK: A Dirty Creek in Iligan Becomes a Beautiful Koi Pond after the Locals Helped Out

It is a sad reality that there are many creeks, rivers, and various water bodies in the Philippines that have become polluted and filled with trash – no thanks to the humans who live near these areas who throw their garbage into the waters.

A creek traversing Purok de Oro, Zone 3 in Poblacion, Iligan City in southern Philippines was just like those badly polluted creeks – but thanks to the locals who decided that it was time to change their ways and transform the creek for good, the dirty creek is now a beautiful koi pond!

Photos by Rodrigo Duterte Supporters / Facebook

Perhaps they had taken inspiration from the viral stories about the beautiful drainage canals in Japan which are so clean that there are koi in there!

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Well, the creek looks so beautiful now! The locals even made little gardens for the koi and landscaped the creek to ensure that it looks so much lovelier now. We all hope that this will continue and that the locals will stop throwing trash into the waters to prevent the river going back to its previous dirty state!


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