LOOK: 8 Hilarious but Adorable Photos of Sisters Recreating Their Childhood Photos

Have you ever noticed how your childhood photos can be so hilarious? While we can’t always remember what was happening in the photo or where and when it was taken, the looks on our faces in old photos are really just so funny that we tend to laugh at them now that we are older.

But have you ever thought of recreating these childhood photos now that you’re adults? If you think childhood photos are already quite funny, wait until you try to recreate them as adults! LOL. It can be a lot of fun – and you’ll surely end up in a fit of giggles when you’re done.

For example, just take a look at these adorable photos of the Bonifacio sisters from the Philippines who did just that – and the results were truly adorable although we surely had a good laugh as we browsed at their funny snapshots!

Which one’s your favorite?

#1 The sister on the left does not look so happy about the photo session…

Photo credit: Melanie Bonifacio- Escoreal / Facebook

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