Girl Who Got into Fight with Uber Driver, Supports Him after Discovering He’s Going through Breakup

There are times when we are feeling so angry and so down that we feel like the world is out there to get us and make us feel worse. That’s what happened to the Uber driver who got into a fight with his ride for the night.

According to his passenger who posted their convo on Twitter, she into a fight with him because he was so mean but the guy would later apologize to her and reveal he’s going through a breakup.

Everyone who has ever gone through such a devastating moment surely knows how the driver feels. So, netizen Idahoe decided to forgive the driver and support him, instead.

Photo credit: BuzzFeed Philippines / Facebook – Idaho / Twitter

She told him how she hoped he would eventually find ‘the one’ but the guy laughingly replied that he’s not going to get into another relationship anytime soon as he is feeling tired of loving and getting hurt.

It was a rather personal conversation with an Uber driver – and Idahoe certainly felt it was special as she posted it on social media where it went viral. People commented that it might even be a good idea if the two would eventually hook up and she turns out to be ‘the one’.

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