LOOK: Generous Foreigner Reacts to Going Viral for Giving Nike Shoes to Barefoot Kid

Early this week, an unknown foreigner went viral on social media after he was photographed buying a pair of expensive shoes for a barefooted sampaguita vendor, with his generosity drawing praise from the Filipino community.

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At the time, the foreigner was not identified in the viral posts as the netizens who saw were not able to ask for his name but he has now been named as Kris Carroll, after Nike store associate Ahyan Yerro posted it on social media.

According to Yerro, she was able to get the generous foreigner’s name from the merchant’s copy of his credit card transaction. She also revealed that Carroll had asked her where he could buy clothes for the boy.

Photo by Ahyan Yerro / Facebook

After the post went viral, friends told Carroll about it – and he was definitely quite surprised that his good deed had gone viral.

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