Foreigner Goes Viral for Buying New Pair of Nike Shoes for Sampaguita Vendor He Met in the Streets

It is so amazing what a simple act of kindness can do to change the lives of others.

One foreigner whose name witnesses weren’t able to catch but was believed to be either Joe or Kris, had recently gone viral after he was photographed buying new Nike shoes for a sampaguita vendor he met in the streets.

According to netizen Mara Karmela, she had stopped by a Nike store on her way home when she noticed people at the store having their photos taken with a foreigner.

Photo credit: Czarinah Estrada-Hisada / Facebook

She felt unsure whether the foreigner was someone famous she should have heard about but was surprised to learn that the guy was not some famous personality but had attracted the attention of the store’s customers for buying a pair of Nike shoes for a sampaguita vendor!

Karmela learned that this guy had met the boy in the streets when he asked for directions to SM. Noticing that the boy did not have shoes, the foreigner brought him to the mall and bought him a pair which cost Php6,000!

After paying for the shoes, the foreigner gave it to the boy who gave him all his sampaguita in return! Karmela admitted she got teary-eyed while watching the exchange.

Noticing that the boy didn’t wear his shoes, the foreigner asked about it and the boy replied that he was afraid the other kids will get the shoes from him. According to Karmela, the foreigner has decided to also buy clothes for the boy; although she no longer followed them as she was a bit shy.

Isn’t this wonderful? Thanks to this guy for sharing his blessings with this street kid.