Fish Vendor Graduates Magna Cum Laude Despite Financial Hardships, Makes Family’s Dreams Come True!

Born to fisherfolks Raul and Mary Jane Villamejor living in Argao, southern Cebu in central Philippines, Regine Cañete Villamejor is proof yet again that one should never let poverty be a hindrance to success!

As a child and even when she goes back home during weekends, Villamejor would wake up at dawn to help her family sell buckets of fish in the market and from house to house. The fish they sell is from the catch her father gets at sea the previous night.

Photos by USJ-R Intern Jheysel Ann S. Tangaro / Cebu Daily News

Times are hard but the family budgeted their money well; although Villamejor admitted that there were times when she heard her parents arguing over money, especially when she started studying Bachelor of Arts in Liberal arts and Commerce major in Communication and Marketing at the University of San Jose – Recoletos in Cebu City, several kilometers away from their hometown.

But while money was tight, Villamejor did not let the financial troubles get her down. She strived hard to study and earn her degree so she could help her family.

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