Everyone Told Them They’d Never Finish School after Having a Son, But Couple Defies Odds to Graduate Together!

These days, there are a lot of teens who get pregnant and had to stop their studies for a while because of the baby. While many of them don’t get to finish their studies due to the financial constraints of raising their own child and going to school, there are those who continue to prove that an early marriage does not always mean the end of one’s dreams.

Isaiah Ignacio shares his family’s official graduation photo – it showed him, his lovely wife, and their adorable son!

In his post on Facebook, Ignacio recalled how there were a lot of people in the past who put them down for marrying early, bitterly predicting that they would never finish their studies and earn a college degree because of the child.

Instead of letting those judgmental people take control of their lives, Ignacio and his wife strove hard to prove everyone wrong – and the two are among the graduates of SY 2016-2017!

Photo credit: Isaiah Ignacio / Facebook

Ignacio didn’t forget to thank their respective parents for the continued support and guidance which surely allowed them to complete their studies despite raising a child. He also thanked God for helping his little family weather the challenges they faced.

He proudly declares the little boy as their trophy.

While a number of netizens commented that it still would have been nice for the youth to finish their studies before having a baby and raising a family, they also commended the couple for surpassing the challenges, staying strong together, and continuing with their education despite everything they experienced.

Isn’t that what’s really important?