Everyone Said She’ll Never Finish College after Getting Pregnant at 15, But Single Mom Accepts the Challenge and Graduates this Year!

Getting pregnant at 15 years old brought both joy and pain to Hanessy Billones Teodoro – joy because she gave birth to her own child but also pain because people laughed at her for getting pregnant at such a tender age.

Many were not content in talking behind her back but actually mocked her, saying she would surely get pregnant again and could never graduate from college. While those words hurt her, Hanessy did not let those haters bring her down.

Instead, she accepted their challenge and worked hard to finish her education despite the many difficulties she had to experiencing with juggling her studies and motherhood. In a viral Facebook page, she detailed how her son wouldn’t go near her because she was always busy in school and he would be asleep by the time she gets home.

Photo credit: Hanessy Billones Teodoro / Facebook

There were also times when she was forced to bring him to school because no one could watch him; thankfully, her professors were quite sympathetic about her plight.

There was even a time she planned on leaving her son by himself at home but vowed to never do it again after finding him crying outside their home when she got back – it was a good thing she was not able to catch a jeep to school that day or the boy could have gotten lost in trying to find her!

But after long years of struggling with motherhood and school as well as ignoring hurtful remarks from bashers, Hanessy has finally made it! She is among the graduates of AB Major in Psychology from Arellano University for SY 2016-2017.

As she wears her toga, she proudly gets a photo taken with her son, her inspiration and her companion for more than 6 years. Indeed, her struggles as a teenage mom were very challenging yet thanks to her perseverance, she was able to conquer them all!

Congratulations, Hanessy Billones Teodoro! We are praying for your success.

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