LOOK: Disabled Elderly Man on His Knees while Cleaning Dirty Streets at a Market

It is sad how there are so many dirty streets in many places in the Philippines, especially in markets – and while there are people hired to sweep these areas to keep them clean somehow, these spots easily get dirty again because of people who have no qualms in throwing their trash anywhere and everywhere they wanted.

Now, there’s a street sweeper in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur who has gone viral for his dedication in cleaning the dirty streets at the market, despite being old and also having a disability.

In a post on Matalinong Matsing, netizen Mamdouh Gallentes Balatucal shared the following:

Photo credit: Mamdouh Gallentes Balatucal / Matalinong Matsing – Facebook

Siya po ay naglilinis sa my bandang Gate7 Agora market ng Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur. Tama po ba na hayaan na lang siya sa ginagawa nya? Nililinis niya ang dumi at basura ng ibang tao? My kapansanan po at matanda na si tatay.. Dapat po pinagpapahinga siya.

(He is cleaning near Gate7 of Agora market in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. Is it right that this man be allowed to continue with what he is doing? Cleaning up after the trash and dirt left by other people? This man is disabled and already old; it is best that he gets to rest, instead.)

Kung di man natin matulungan sa personal na pangangailangan sana naman po huwag natin hayaan din na maglinis sya at magligpit sa kalat ng iba,” Balatucal added.

(If we can’t help him with his personal needs, I hope that he won’t also be made to clean up and clear the trash thrown by others.)

The post has gotten viral, with netizens expressing anger over the local government since the disabled elderly man should have been assigned to a less dirty job that wouldn’t require him to be on his knees on that filthy street!