Diligent Daughter of a Construction Worker Shares Her Touching Story

“Ako’y anak ng isang construction worker.
Kahit kailan hindi ko ikinaila kung ano ang kalagayan ng buhay namin. Lumaki akong hindi nasusunod ang luho. Kung meron salamat at kung wala nagpapasalamat pa din ako dahil buo ang pamilya namin”

A Cealline Griarte posted her heart-warming story on her facebook account.

She shared about how much she exerted her effort just to finish her degree.

Image by Cealline Griarte via Facebook

Cealline came from Binangonan, Rizal and graduated Salutatorian when she was in high school. Knowing how hard their life is, she strives hard to rank on the top of her batch mates because she’s aiming for a scholarship in college. Luckily Jose Rizal University offered her a full scholarship.

During her interview, she then remembered how the Guidance & Testing Office asked her how she can afford going to school if her father, a construction worker doesn’t have a permanent job. She just answered “My father is resourceful.”

On her 2nd semester of her 2nd year in college she did not reach the required General Weighted Average (GWA) that caused her to lose her scholarship and was forced to be a working student. She worked in a BPO industry.

Since her resistance is getting low due to lack of sleep and stress, she decided to resign her position and work as a student assistant. However, at her fourth year, she had to give up her work as student assistance due to University’s policies but as a persistent student, she never gave up and was luckily granted an academic scholarship.

Cealline’s story depicts that no matter how impossible your dreams may be, as long as you have the perseverance and the motivation you will achieve it.