Cum Laude Couple Who’s Been Together Since 2009, Continues to Inspire Young Lovers to Study Hard

With graduation season here again, we have seen a lot of inspiring stories about students who succeeded in their studies despite being poor or having disabilities or for some other reason. It really is great to hear these beautiful stories that inspire students to work hard to reach their dreams, no matter the circumstances they are in.

There also seem to be a lot of couples whose stories are quite remarkable in that they have remained in love yet have also managed to juggle working on their relationships and their studies. While they met their own hardships, their love prevailed – as with their drive to finish their studies and excel in the fields they are in!

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There is also this couple who became viral on social media for both graduating as cum laude from their respective courses – but what makes their success extra is that they had been a couple since 2009, back when they were still in high school!

Photo credit: Jeriel Edwards / The DailyPedia

The cum laude couple both graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio: Harvey Aquino from Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Donnalyn Sevidal from Bachelor of Science in Management Economics.

Now, in the Philippines, there is this stigma against young lovers as older people often frown on such relationships since many have led to teenage pregnancy. In fact, the country has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Asia.

But couples like Harvey and Donnalyn prove that the stereotype is not applicable to everyone and that it is possible to still excel in their studies even while also being in love!

Every year, couples like them are surely going to prove that – and it is truly sweet. We hope this gives inspiration to young couples out there to remain focused on their studies even if they fall in love while still in school. Do you agree?