Could This Boy Be the Ja-el the Internet is Looking for?

Image from the Facebook Account of Rara Dela Cruz

Jose Ja-El Flores was only three years old when he was abducted last October 22, 2012. His parents sought the assistance of the Paranaque police in looking for him. They asked for the public’s help in looking for the child through the local radio stations, newspapers. They even consulted faith healers and fortune-tellers.

They had exhausted every possible means to find him but to no avail.

Five years forward, Ja-El’s parents are still looking for him and had set up a Facebook page, Help Us Find Ja-El P. Flores; this time, to solicit help from the netizens to bring the boy back to his family. Ja-El story found its way to several online news sites and thousands of netizens joined the crusade to find the missing boy.

One concerned netizen posted a photo of a boy, whom he thought, looked like Ja-El.

The boy who was called “Balat” since he does not know his real name was found in Novaliches. Ja-El’s mother, Jona, did not waste any time and went to Novaliches to meet the boy.

Unfortunately, Jona did not feel the “lukso ng dugo” when she saw the child nor did her maternal instinct kicked in. “Balat” was not the son she was looking for.

Another netizen posted a photo of a boy she saw during an outreach program she participated in. She placed two photos beside each other—a photo of the boy she thinks could be Ja-El and a photo of Ja-El himself—to show the similarities between the looks of the two boys.

Could this be Ja-El?