Clever Old Man from Cebu, Makes Wooden Bikes from Recycled Materials

An 80-year-old man from Cebu has gone viral for building wooden bikes from recycled materials – and the bike is quite good that he uses them around the city and has gotten the attention of the locals who are now buying wooden bikes from him!

Renerio Colina, known as the “innovative wood bike maker” from Barangay Subangdako in Mandaue City, Cebu, is partially deaf. But he didn’t let his disability stop him from doing the things he loves to do – and that is inventing things.

Photos by Aiza Layague / ABS-CBN News

But because there really are not much for him to use as he isn’t exactly rich, the poor but innovative old man began to make the wooden bicycles out of recycled materials he got from his neighbors. Using used wood, nails, some wheels, and a bike chain, he made his first wooden bike.

His neighbors were quite impressed with his creation that they also asked him to make them one. This would grow into a good business for the old man who now earns Php250 per bike he makes, his brother Melchor Colina revealed.

Photos of the old man riding his wooden bike in the city soon went viral, with netizens impressed with his innovative creation.

What do you think of this grandpa’s wooden bike?