Boy from Tarlac Who Sells Food Every Night to Help Sick Grandma Goes Viral

A lot of kids in the Philippines do not get the chance to enjoy their childhood or have a good night of rest before getting to school as they still have to work to support themselves and to help provide money for the family.

One such kid from San Miguel in Tarlac has touched the hearts of netizens after he was spotted several times while selling even up to midnight and early morning!

Photos by Anjennette Asuncion Salonga / Facebook

Anjennette Asuncion Salonga who saw him on several occasions as he sold in the streets took the time to wake him up one night, asking why he still wasn’t home when it was already past midnight. But the boy replied that he still had to sell all the food in his basket before he gets back home.

Surprised at what she heard, Salonga asked him why that was the case. The boy replied that he had to sell all the goods so he could have money to help his sick grandma who had been the one caring for him and selling the items before she got sick.

Upon hearing that, Salonga was touched that this boy could be so caring at such a young age. She took some photos of him to share on social media so that those who chanced upon him will help out by buying the food he is selling so he could get back home earlier.

It really is so sad that a boy his age would be out there in the streets at such unholy hours, just so he could earn money for him and his grandma! We could only wonder where his parents might be…