Another Strange Deep-Sea Creature Found in Cebu?

It seems that many strange deep-sea creatures are surfacing these days and beaching themselves or were caught by fishermen in shallow waters across the Philippines.

According to Trending News Portal, another one of these sea creatures was found at a coastal area in Cebu, as shared by netizen Kristian Calura Facunla.

The strange sea creature was greyish black but it had a brownish white underbelly. While the identity of the sea creature was not confirmed, one netizen claimed it was a megamouth shark, a species of shark that lives in the deep sea.

Photo credit: Kristian Calura Facunla / Facebook

Photos of the deep sea shark piqued netizens’ interest, especially because there have been a lot of recent sightings of strange sea creatures across the country, including oarfish and ocean sunfish which are believed to be heralds of bad news such as an earthquake – and there have been a lot of earthquakes lately!

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But because scientists maintain that animals couldn’t be used to predict the occurrence of natural calamities such as earthquakes, then we should take their word for it and not panic – but let us also stay prepared and alert to ensure a better chance of survival should unpredictable things happen…