Airline Kicks 94-Year-Old Disabled Filipina Grandma Off Business Class, Forced to Endure Painful 16-Hour Flight in Economy Class

Marianne told Definitely Filipino that the airline’s response was rather insulting; they were told that the flight crew’s recollection of the incident was different from the family’s version of the story and that based on the airline’s investigation, they “did not find evidence that any disability regulations were broken” because they were “not required to provide extensive personal assistance”.

They gave us $500 travel certificate and they are looking into refunding the difference between business class and economy (refund would go through the travel agent),” Marianne said.

Nanay Paz with her grandkids
Photo credit: Marianne Santos Aguilar

As of press time, the family hasn’t received the refund as of yet.

With Nanay Paz still distraught over the ordeal, the family hopes the airline would properly address the incident so they can assure her that the matter was being corrected.  Considering that at her age — she just turned 95 years old this week — she should not be harboring negative thoughts, and Nanay Paz and the family can move forward and put the unfortunate incident behind them.