Adobo and Inasal Making Waves in London, Thanks to These Two Brothers

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Located near Peckham Library in London, Filishack is a street food truck owned and operated by British-Filipino brothers Justice and Jonathan Cacho who already had a following among the locals in the area. They share the public square with other food carts but theirs was the only one offering Filipino food in Peckham, where the two brothers grew up.

Among the food choices are the topseller Grilled Chicken, inspired by the local Inasal, and the Braised Beef Adobo which come in a rice box (£5), salad box (£5), or burrito (£4-5).

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The brothers credit the success of their business to the high quality of the food they serve; which was advertised through the word of mouth.

According to them, people travel from as far as Bermondsey, London Bridge, and Woolwich just to get their food. They also have bodybuilders as their regular customers who always take an extra order of meat or chicken.

Before Filishack, Justice, 27, worked in a local money shop n Peckham handling Western Union transactions. After some time, he joined a Japanese-Chinese street food enterprise. This is where he learned to master the trade.
Justice set up Filishack in 2015 and ran it on his own until Jonathan, 20, joined him after college graduation.

They went through a lot of names before coming up with Filishack. One was ‘Rice Life’.

When asked if they plan on expanding their business, Justice said that they want to have a shop in Peckham to make their business more stable.