Who has the Fastest Delivery Service? Photo of Riders from Three Fastfood Chains Goes Viral

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines / Facebook

When it comes to delivery service, which has the fastest delivery service among the fastfood outlets you had ordered from? Well, the answer would probably depend on the order you made in the fastfood outlets and other factors like the weather, time you ordered, etc.

But it seems that a lot of people appreciate fast delivery service – and this was proven by a viral photo featuring three riders from three different fastfood chains who happened to be at the same intersection at the same time.

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines / Facebook

That makes the photo looks even more striking was that the three riders from McDonald’s, KFC, and Jollibee were lined up at the quiet intersection with no other vehicles visible, as if they were about to go on a race!

But if they were, indeed, having a race, which of these three do you think would win?