While Stuck in EDSA Traffic, Woman Accidentally Finds Cousin Who Went Missing Since December

Everyone hates being stuck in traffic, especially if they are in a hurry to reach their destinations but one family was thankful to traffic because one of their family members finds a teenage cousin missing since December!

In a report on ABS-CBN News, Ivy Gonzales thanks EDSA traffic after she found her teenage cousin who was missing since December 26, 2016 from their home in Aurora province, several hours away from Manila.

According to Gonzales, she boarded a bus along Ortigas-EDSA last Sunday, February 5. She had transferred seats three times inside that bus and was sitting comfortably on that last seat when she spotted a youngster who looked familiar while they were stuck in traffic.

The teen was wearing a black jacket and yellow shirt. Taking a better look, she realized it was her cousin Leonardo Pagay who has hydrocephalus and had gone missing in December. His OFW mom Juvy Pagay went on air on DZMM’s Lingkod Kapamilya program last January 27 to seek help in finding the missing teen.

Since the bus was moving slowly, Gonzales was able to get off it with ease. She ran towards the teen, thankful that she found him but he didn’t recognize her at all; although he responded when she called his name.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

She asked him whether he wants to go home and offered to help him but the teen first wanted to eat as he was hungry. Gonzales quickly fed the teen, all the while asking how he arrived in Metro Manila and how he managed to survive.

The teen admitted he rode two buses from their hometown; although he didn’t mention why he did so. He revealed that once he arrived in Metro Manila, he asked for alms to get food and slept in the streets when he felt tired.

The teen’s mom was so ecstatic over news he was found that she jumped with joy. Her concerned employer hurriedly asked if she was alright and was also thankful over the good news.

Mrs. Pagay thanked her niece for finding her son. She also expressed gratitude to Dipaculao Mayor Joana Salamanca who personally went to Manila to fetch the boy.

We’re thankful that the EDSA traffic has brought something positive to this family…