WATCH: Young Girl Earns Praise for Knocking Down Two Thieves Who Tried to Snatch Her Purse

These days, it is difficult to walk on your own in the streets because you might never know who would snatch your belongings and steal your stuff. But a young girl has earned the internet’s praise after she knocked down two thieves who tried to snatch her purse.

In a clip shared on Facebook by NTD Television, a dashcam was able to record the moment a young girl went out of her car and was immediately attacked by a snatcher. The girl rushed towards the suspect and was able to retrieve her bag by kicking him in the groin.

Screenshot from video by NTD TV / Facebook

The suspect’s backup rushed to the scene to help his companion but the girl proved to be too much for him to handle. It seemed that this girl was trained to defend herself and the second guy was slammed to the ground.

The clip ended with the girl getting her bag back and running away from the suspects.

Several netizens commented how brave she was and that she was lucky the guys didn’t have guns as they could have killed her when she resisted.

Also, many couldn’t believe that no one helped the girl out even when there were other vehicles who clearly had the attack in view – even the person in the car taking the video didn’t bother helping the girl!

Still, it is difficult to judge those who didn’t help as they might be afraid the attackers had guns.

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Young girl took down 2 thieves that tried to steal her purse 🙅👊👏

Posted by NTD Television on Monday, February 6, 2017

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