WATCH: Filipino Comedian Struts in Nothing but a Bikini and 6-Inch Heels… And He’s Better Than You!

Miss Universe 2016 has crowned its winner, Iris Mittenaere, but the pageant fever hasn’t gone down because there are still a lot of news about the beauty contest – and while most are directly related to what happened during the pageant as well as other exciting news about the pageant contestants, there are others that are not actually that connected but still relevant…

Take for example the now viral video of Filipino comedian Sinon Loresca who stripped down to his blue Speedos and wore 6-inch heels to strut in a Miss Universe spoof!

Gaining over 6.7 million views and getting mentions even from international media outlets like the Daily Mail UK, the video Loresca posted on his Facebook page was a hit among fans, many of whom knew him as ‘Rogelia’ on Eat Bulaga’s “Kalye Serye”.

9GAG also reposted the same clip which gained more than 11 million views on the site’s Facebook page!

Photo credit: Sinon Loresca / Facebook
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So, why did Loresca go viral? Well, just imagine how difficult it is to walk on 6-inch heels (with nothing but a skimpy bikini on!) yet this guy was able to pull it off and make it look like it was so easy to do! Yes, he slayed the walk – and walks in those sky high heels so much better than half of the female population!

It really is a matter of confidence, we must say. Also, the clip has received much interest in that many people were wondering whether Loresca was gay or not. Well, the answer is that he is openly gay but, my, his chiseled body looks much better than the bods of most guys!

So, yeah, he’s truly one of a kind!

Check out this hilarious video and get ready to giggle as you clap your hands for Sinon Loresca, the Philippines representative to Miss Galaxy 2017! [Alright, we made that up. LOL.]

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Posted by Sinon Loresca on Saturday, January 28, 2017

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