Tokhang to Tokdelivery? Davao Policemen Deliver Food to Customer after Jollibee Rider Meets Accident

Plenty of policemen in the Philippines are in hot water over the ‘tokhang’ (toktok-hangyo or knock and plea), especially because there had been recent cases of alleged ‘tokhang for ransom’ but as always just because some cops are bad, it doesn’t mean that all of them are!

In Davao City, cops have proven that there still remain a lot of good guys in the force.

A Jollibee delivery guy was on his way to deliver a customer’s order when he met an accident. Knowing that someone was waiting for their food to arrive and could already be hungry, the cops took it upon themselves to personally deliver the items to the Jollibee rider’s customer.

According to netizen Kristine Faith Ceniza Jov, “So I ordered from Jolly Delivery. After 40 minutes, daghan kaayo police sa among doorstep. Turned out the delivery driver had an accident and the police took the initiative to deliver my food. Shout out to the Davao Police for saving dinner.

Photo credit: Kristine Faith Ceniza Jov / Facebook

She posted a screenshot of her conversation with someone from Jollibee who sent her a text message regarding the unfortunate accident.

But while the post went viral as people praised the cops, many also couldn’t help but comment how Kristine sounded rude to the Jollibee crew who messaged her. Others said she should have thanked the Jollibee crew for informing her about the delay and trying their best to find an alternative way to get her the order. Also, many said she should have asked about the fate of the driver.

Kristine would later reveal that she did ask about the fate of the driver and also thanked the Jollibee crew but she didn’t include those in her original post as she wanted to focus on the kindness of the Davao cops.