School Reinforces Safety Measures after Student Nearly Gets Kidnapped in Van with ‘Medical Tools for Operation’

Naga Hope Christian School on Panganiban Drive, Naga City has reinforced its safety measures after one of its students was nearly kidnapped by still unknown perpetrators in a van with ‘medical tools for operation’.

In a note given to parents, the school principal informed parents that one of the students was walking near the school and was about to cross the street when he was grabbed by a man in a black van. He was boxed three times until he lost consciousness.

When he came to, he realized that he was inside a van with what looked like medical tools and apparatus for a surgical operation. Thankfully, he was able to muster enough strength to kick the man sitting beside the door. He was also able to open the door and get out of the moving vehicle.

Due to the incident, the student received wounds and bruises on his forehead, arms, and legs.

Photo credit: Albert Anthony Ruiz / Facebook

According to the principal, this was not the first incident that happened in the city; thus, the security guards are stricter in checking the fetcher’s ID.

Students who are allowed to go home on their own were also advised to go in groups, to not take rides from strangers, and to not go by themselves to malls and stores.

We commend the school for the added measure to ensure security in the school – and we’re sharing their security advisory to also warn parents from other places since this modus operandi has been reported not just in Naga City but also in other places, especially in Metro Manila and nearby areas.

Let’s all be vigilant and take care of our kids…