Red Ribbon Crew Earns Praise for Helping a Street Kid Buy Cake for Sibling’s Birthday

When a barefoot street kid entered a Red Ribbon cake shop somewhere in Metro Manila, one of the service crew who goes by the handle Ken Ken on Facebook said she asked the security guard to check on the boy as he might be up to no good.

They were surprised, however, when the boy said he was there to buy cake. They watched the boy look at the cakes until he picked one that cost Php500 but because he only had Php300, Ken Ken told him to just buy the smaller ones.

When asked why he was buying a cake, the boy said it was his sibling’s birthday. He went out extra early that day to ask for alms so he could buy his sibling a cake.

Photo by Ken Ken / Facebook

But the cheapest cake on the stand was Php310 and the boy only had Php300; thus, Ken Ken said she will give him the Php10 he needed to buy the cake for his sibling’s birthday. Then, she wrote the dedication the boy wanted to write on the cake, much to the kid’s delight.

She later shared his photo on social media, praising him for being such a thoughtful sibling despite them not having money – and the post not only received praises for the boy, Ken Ken was also thanked by many netizens for helping out the kid and not turning him away.

God bless you, kid!