Owner of Store in Viral ‘Wilted Flowers’ Slams Critic for Made-up Story, Says They Give Away Unsold Flowers for Free

A story of a guy buying wilted flowers from a store for Valentine’s Day went viral after it was posted by netizen Giulia Singson Zahar; it gained mixed reactions on social media, with many people reminding her that she does not know the full story behind the guy and the supposedly wilted flowers except what she had deduced.

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Guy Buys Wilted Flowers for Php100 on Valentine’s Day, But Story Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

But while the seemingly innocent and simple story touched the hearts of many netizens who praised the guy for being thoughtful despite not having a lot of money, the owner of the flower stall has surfaced – and was furious at Zahar for making up a false story.

In her post, Zahar slammed the saleslady for still selling the wilted flowers to the ‘salesman from Wilcon’ for Php100, saying that the lady should have given the guy a fresh set to give his girl or, at least, give those flowers for free since they were wilted, anyway.

But another netizen who goes by the handle Phoenix Rising shared Zahar’s post, tagging her for the fake story. According to her, their shop gives away unsold flowers every year – and that is for free! She said that Zahar could ask any of the guards and maintenance staff at the Alabang Town Center (ATC) in Alabang, Muntinlupa (where the store is located) whether this was true.

Screenshot of post by Phoenix Rising / Facebook

The store owner also revealed that not only was the guy from Wilcon not made to pay for wilted flowers, the shop even reserves flowers for the store staff so they can still give flowers to their special someone even if they don’t have enough money.

Now, Ms. Zahar, go to ATC again and make rounds to the maintenance and security guards and try to PROBE on what type of wilted flowers they receive every year – may it be imported Roses, Dangwa Roses, Tagaytay Roses or even Roses from HELL – the point is THEY ALWAYS COME FREE FOR THESE PEOPLE,” she wrote.

As for the supposedly ‘wilted’ flowers, the shop owner said that this was due to the fact that they had so many flowers that day so not everything fit inside the refrigerator and some wilted.

But it broke our hearts to hear how her mom had cried her heart out over the viral story. Phoenix Rising wrote, “Congratulations, you made my mama cry after a week’s hard work for this one special day. Yes, one week, dear.