Old Man Using ‘Padyak’ to Bring Paralyzed Wife from Quiapo to Mindoro Goes Viral, Receives Help from Bikers

When a biker named Khelvin Federigan noticed an old couple resting by the road in General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite, something urged him to ask how they are as he could see that the old lady appears sick and there was a wheelchair at the back of their ‘padyak’ (a bicycle with a sidecar).

He learned that the old man’s name is Alfred Calderon and that his wife Emilia had a stroke. They came from Quiapo and are on their way to Occidental Mindoro but because they had no money, they were forced to use the padyak to get back home.

Photos by YouScoop – GMA / Facebook

According to Khelvin, the two were heading for the Batangas port even if they still do not have money for the boat fare home.

After Khelvin’s post went viral, several groups of cyclists offered to help out. One group immediately searched for the couple in Cavite, eventually finding them in Carmona. They gave the couple some money, then, carried their ‘padyak’ on a truck bound for Cabuyao, Laguna where another group of cyclists is waiting.

They are also planning on taking the couple to a doctor in Batangas, to check on their conditions. Then, the cyclists plan on escorting the couple all the way to their home in Occidental Mindoro.

From the Mindoro port, another group of cyclists is also planning to meet up with the group to escort the two back home.

We are thankful to all these cyclists for extending their hand to help the old man and his wife reach their home – and that’s all thanks to the first biker, Khelvin, who noticed their plight and shared the story on social media…