LOOK: This Girl Doesn’t Like Flowers, So Her Boyfriend Gave Her a Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets!

Annika Aguinaldo, 19, doesn’t like flowers but would definitely enjoy food – and her boyfriend Rico Villanueva know that. So, when he wanted to surprise her last January 22 for some occasions Annika did not mention, Rico did not give her a bouquet of flowers but chose a bouquet of chicken nuggets, instead! Isn’t that cute?

I told him I didn’t like flowers, so he got me a bouquet of chicken nuggets, and I pretty much became the happiest girl on the planet,” Annika wrote on Twitter, sharing some photos of the lovely moment.

Photos by Annika Aguinaldo / Twitter

The tweet quickly went viral and now has close to 39k likes and over 9k retweets!

We don’t know for sure where Rico got the idea of giving Annika the bouquet of chicken nuggets but we’re willing to bet we’ll hear more about this couple’s story in the days to come, especially now that the story has gone viral.

Also, it seems that McDonald’s Philippines is going to feature the story soon – could it be that the chicken nuggets from the bouquet came from McDo? We’ll learn more about that soon…

For now, a lot of netizens are retweeting the post, commenting that Annika is quite lucky she has a thoughtful and creative boyfriend.

Annika admits that they are a goofy pair who love to surprise each other with quirky gifts, often with food especially when they know the other hasn’t eaten yet.

What do you think of Rico’s special chicken nuggets bouquet for Annika?

Source: Twitter