LOOK: Photo of Old Lady Riding at the Back of a Jeep Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

When Facebook page Library of Most Controversial Files posted a photo of an old lady riding at the back of a public utility jeepney with the caption “This broke my heart more than a break up”, netizens quickly commented angrily how the other passengers in that jeep were so heartless that they couldn’t give up their own comfortable seats for this old woman.

Many reminded the passengers of the said jeep that they would grow old someday and they would surely reap what they have sown, meaning they would not also get help from the younger generations.

Others commented that people these days no longer show respect for elders and feel that they are entitled to a lot of things and wouldn’t willingly share with others unless they are sure of praise on social media!

Photo by Library of Most Controversial Files / Facebook

But while many were not pleased with the passengers’ inaction over the old lady’s plight, others said it was best not to immediately judge these passengers without complete information. After all, the old lady might have insisted on riding that jeep even if it was full (alright, that’s still no excuse for not giving her a seat!).

They are also saying that, perhaps, the old lady didn’t want the other passengers to pity her and that she wants to prove her independence. Also, there were those who said the old lady might be having a hard time moving inside the cramped jeep and preferred sitting at the doorstep because it was easier for her to get on and off the vehicle…

Hmmmm. What do you think?