LOOK: Mysterious Sea Creature with Lots of Hair, Found Dead at Beach in Dinagat Islands

The remains of a strange-looking hairy sea creature were found at a beach in the Dinagat Islands in central Philippines – and a lot of netizens couldn’t help but speculate whether this held any meaning, especially with the recent natural calamities the country is experiencing of late.

As of press time, marine biologists are yet to identify what type of creature this carcass had been but the find has been named on social media as a “globster” – although that is not a kind of sea creature but actually the term used for an unidentified organic mass (or carcass) that washes up on the shoreline of the ocean or any other body of water.

Photos by Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy / Facebook

Because there are no known hairy creatures living in the oceans, the carcass truly baffled people. Do you have any idea what it might be?

Well, there are some netizens who believe this was just the carcass of any large sea creature such as a whale or perhaps a whale shark but because it had been decomposing in the ocean for a long time, then the skin must have decomposed first and what we are seeing as ‘hairs’ could actually be fibers from its muscles.

Hmmmm. Quite possible, right?

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