LOOK: Family Throws Heartbreaking Debut Party for Girl Who Died of Cancer

It is said that a girl’s 18th birthday is one of the most important birthdays in her life because this marks the start of womanhood as she says goodbye to childhood. A lot of families save up so they can throw a debut, a traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration where the celebrant usually wears a formal dress, gets to dance with 18 important men in her life who would give her 18 roses or 18 treasures.

But not all debuts are filled with happiness…

Social media went abuzz over photos of a heartbreaking debut thrown by mommy Rosalie Carolino Quindoza for her daughter Ella.

At first glance, one might think that this was just another socialite’s 18th birthday but upon close inspection, you will notice that the debutante was actually absent. Only her framed photo and the photos on her tarpaulin joined her guests because she had passed away last year.

Photo credit: Rosalie Carolino Quindoza / Facebook

While her mom did not detail how she died on the Facebook post of her heartbreaking party, several netizens commented that she passed away after battling cancer of the ovary.

The family wanted to honor her memory and throw her the birthday bash she had been so excited to experience; thus, they proceeded with the debut even after she died. In the comments section, her mom revealed that they decided to go on with the debut because her daughter had planned everything.

As with regular debuts, all her closest friends were invited – and even her boyfriend got to ‘take’ her on a dance. It was a heartbreaking moment as he ‘danced’ with her photo, with tears streaming down his face…

Watch the heartbreaking ‘last dance’ here:


Last Dance of my daughter (her boyfriend)

Posted by Rosalie Carolino Quindoza on Monday, January 30, 2017

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