Guy Buys Wilted Flowers for Php100 on Valentine’s Day, But Story Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

A guy bought wilted flowers for Php100 from a flower counter for Valentine’s Day – and it received mixed reactions from netizen.

It all started when netizen Giulia Singson Zahar spotted the guy buying the flowers from the stall. According to Zahar, the guy appeared to work as a Wilcon salesman and that he was looking for budget-friendly flowers at that particular flower shop.

The lady at the counter offered the guy four pieces of wilted roses and told him those are worth Php100 but the guy took his time paying for the flowers, possibly having a dilemma as to whether he should still buy the wilted flowers with what money he had left or whether it was worth using his, possibly, last money on flowers for his special someone.

Photo by Giulia Singson Zahar / Facebook

Zahar noted that the guy appeared unsure for some time – and the lady at the counter entertained other people and allegedly served him last.

She felt that there was injustice in the way the saleslady dealt with this unnamed man, especially because she still sold him the wilted flowers. She believes that the lady should have given the man a fresh batch of roses even if he did not have a lot of money.

Zahar asked, “Why couldn’t the owner let one customer go and forget for a moment she was trying to make another 100 bucks from (wilted) flowers from this customer who only tried make his other one feel special the way every guy tried today?

She also noted how the Php100 might just be a small amount for many to spend on a bunch of flowers but for this guy, it was already a huge amount that could mean his meal or transportation budget for the day!

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