Dateless and Broken-Hearted Girl Receives Sweet Valentine’s Day Surprise in School from Her Dad

While it had darker origins, Valentine’s Day is celebrated today as a day of love – and most people wish they could spend it with the ones they love, giving and receiving gifts as expressions of love!

But while this is often the day set for lovers, many also celebrate it with family, instead – after all, love isn’t just between lovers but also between family members!

A video has recently gone viral on social media after a dad surprised his daughter in school on Valentine’s Day.

Screenshot from video by Fritz Bona / Facebook

Laarny Jane Olivo of San Pablo City in Laguna, Philippines was dateless on Valentine’s Day. When her dad learned that she was brokenhearted over not having a date, he proved to her what love really means – by going to school and surprising her with a bouquet of flowers!

Amid shrieks of delight and cries of joy from classmates who were touched by the beautiful moment, Laarny’s dad handed her the flowers and the two hugged each other. There were tears in both their eyes as they embraced tightly – and it seemed that the other students also cried as they witnessed the heartwarming moment…

Kudos to this dad for showing us the true meaning of love!

Watch the tear-jerking moment here:


Grabe papa mo. Nakakaiyak naman hahaha 😅💞 HAPPY VALENTINES 💕

Posted by Fritz Bona on Tuesday, February 14, 2017