Cyclists Bring Old ‘Padyak’ Couple to Clinic in Batangas for Check-up Before Escorting Them to Mindoro

Yesterday, the story of an old couple using their ‘padyak’ to get home from Quiapo to Occidental Mindoro went viral. Alfred Calderon said he is using the padyak to bring his sick wife back home as she suffered a stroke.

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Netizens took pity on the couple and offered help – and several groups of cyclists took a bigger step to help by meeting the couple and offering them a ride on a truck so they can reach home faster.

Photos by YouScoop – GMA News – Yo Ustaris and Darlene Flores / Facebook

Aside from that, the group also brought the old couple to a clinic in Batangas so they can be checked up by a doctor before they proceed with the journey to their home in Occidental Mindoro. Since the couple did not really have money (that’s the reason why they used the padyak to go home), the cyclists took it upon themselves to pay for the couple’s check-up and medicines.

They have also gone the extra mile quite literally by offering to escort the couple to their home! Not only are they providing the couple with food and the boat fare home, they are also cycling along with the couple (who are now riding aboard a truck).

According to earlier reports, another group of cyclists will be welcoming the couple at the Mindoro port and will also join them in their journey home.

Isn’t this a wonderful story that shows there really is still hope in humanity?

We’re looking forward to seeing these two back in their home…

There were netizens who slammed their children for not helping them out financially but many told these people to stop judging the children as it was entirely possible that they were as poor as the old couple and could not also afford to help out.

Let’s just be thankful that the cyclists are helping out the old couple and making sure that they make it home safe and sound…