Brave Girl Injures Hand after Punching Guy Who Tried to Take Advantage of Her Inside the LRT

Photo credit: Twitter / Nicole Sumagui

While a lot of men (and even other women) have gotten away with taking advantage of women and young girls, there are those that get caught and punished in various ways.

Last week, a young girl has gone viral after she injured her hand because she punched a guy who tried to take advantage of her inside the LRT.

In a tweet, Nicole Sumagui shared photos of her friend, Ryiene Espino, whose hands were injured, “Diz young thug just punched a guy in the LRT for taking advantage of her!!!!! FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL JSYK #girlpower #DONTUS

Photo credit: Twitter / Nicole Sumagui

While she did get hurt from the incident, it was still a good thing that she showed that unknown guy that women aren’t weak. He certainly met his match!

We’re just not sure if the pervert got hurt but we hope that would warn him against messing with girls again.

Of course, while this won’t stop incidents of abuse and harassment from ever happening again, this gives a strong message for women out there to fight for their right and not stay silent.