Another OFW **** in Kuwait, Niece Complains about Her Body Only Wrapped in a Blanket

Just recently, a Filipina was among those who were hung in Kuwait for allegedly killing his employer’s daughter but she’s not the only one who recently died in the country.

A netizen who goes by the handle Angela Mark shares on Facebook some photos of her aunt’s **** body which was only wrapped in blankets and placed inside a box that came from Kuwait. She did not detail how her aunt died in Kuwait [but she’s not the overseas Filipino worker who was hung].

According to Angela, her aunt had spent about a month in the morgue and was later sent to the Philippines in a box but they were shocked to see her body wrapped in a blanket. The family believes it was a sign of disrespect for their **** aunt’s body.

Photo credit: Angela Mark / Facebook

Moreover, Angela alleged that her aunt’s employers did not even give them a single peso of her last salary – and they even held on to her belongings and allegedly refused to ship these back to the Philippines.

Angela’s post quickly went viral on social media but some netizens pointed out that Muslims don’t actually embalm their ****, only wrapping them in cloth or blankets much like what they did to her aunt. It is their culture and is not meant to show disrespect to the **** woman.

[Click here to view Angela Mark’s post; WARNING: Sensitive/graphic content!]

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