4-Month-Old Baby Allegedly Kidnapped, Raped by a Drug Addict in Cebu

In Barangay Perrelos in Carcar City, Cebu in central Philippines, a 60-year-old woman went out of their house to pee at 1AM on Thursday, February 9, when she heard a baby crying at a vacant lot some 100 meters away from their home.

The horrified old lady discovered that the crying baby was her own granddaughter, a 4-month-old baby who was by herself in that vacant lot but already covered with blood!

The woman’s screams woke their neighbors and the baby’s parents. It was then that the mother discovered her baby was gone from her side.

According to ABS-CBN News, the child’s father was at another bedroom in the house and was sleeping along with the couple’s eight older children. The 4-month-old baby was their ninth child.

Photo credit: Community Newswatch PH / Facebook

Based on the investigation done by Carcar City Police Station Women’s Desk, it was somewhat easy for the suspects to kidnap the baby as the house only had a curtain for a door. The mother was also sleeping soundly and her husband was in another room with the other children.

Recovered at the crime scene were the baby’s diapers and a bottle of what smelled like tuba or coconut wine.

Based on initial investigations, it appeared that the baby was raped because there were lacerations on her private parts. She was rushed to Carcar District Hospital but was later brought to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City. She underwent minor surgery to treat the lacerations on her genitals.

There were lacerations, blood and grass particles found in the private area but there were no semen recovered,” said an official statement, as reported by Sun Star Cebu.

Hours later, several suspects were invited by the cops to for questioning, including the child’s father; all the suspects were drug surrenderers, except the father.

Based on the statements gathered by the police, Jonathan Martin was detained. The 40-year-old native of Bohol was also involved in a **** case in the past. According to one of his friends, they were drinking the previous night when he saw Martin enter the family’s house.

While evidence against Martin is circumstantial in nature, cops believe that his friend’s statement that he entered the family’s house is enough proof to pin him as the one who kidnapped the child, raped her, and later abandoned her in the vacant lot.

DNA samples were taken for matching with the swabs taken from the crime scene.

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