Woman Goes Viral for Cheeky Reply to Message She Didn’t Know was Sent by Potential Employer! Ooooops…

Many of us aren’t so happy with our birth names and wish our parents gave us something else – especially when our friends tease us about the name!

Well, netizen Maria Caila Arceo (she usually goes by ‘Caila Arceo’) probably got teased about her name in the past and her friends probably emphasize the ‘Maria’ when they text or call her because when she got a text message from an unknown number which read, “Hi Maria Caila!”, her reflex reaction was to reply back “T*ng ina buong buo ah!

But she had replied too fast! Because the texter’s next message was actually an invitation for a job interview at Stratworth Solutions, Inc. – and it was for a job she had actually applied for! Ooooops!

Screenshot from post by Lucky Manzano / Instagram

Horrified that her reply might have angered her potential employer, Caila quickly replied, “OMG sorrryyyyy” and posted a screenshot of the text exchange on Facebook to share her somewhat horrific story with her friends.

Unknown to her, the recruiter was quite amused with the reply. Reinmar Llamado also posted the convo on his Facebook page but had Caila seen that one immediately, she would have been doubly mortified because her first reply actually came after the recruiter sent the job interview invite! Make that a ‘double ooooops’!

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