With “Boyfriend for Hire” Craze Going Viral, This Young Lady Offers Services as “Third Wheel Photographer” for Valentine’s Day

These past days, a lot of hunks went viral for hilarious ads offering themselves as “boyfriend for hire” in the latest internet craze – and it’s all a joke, of course [or is it?]…

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Well, riding on this social media craze, Hilary Buenaflor offers her services as “3rd wheel photographer”, something that lovers might want to have this coming Valentine’s Day. According to Buenaflor, she got the idea from the internet craze but instead of becoming a “girlfriend for hire”, she wants to become a third wheel photographer.

Photo credit: Facebook / Hilary Buenaflor

As third wheel photographer, she promises not only to take unlimited photos of the couple, she also swears she won’t feel jealous and would be willing to endure the couple’s super sweet moments.

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Just like the “boyfriend for hire” craze, Buenaflor also offers several packages for her clients to choose from – from Php200 for a 1-hour photoshoot in Adamson area to a Php3,000 package for an out-of-town shoot.

While she promised to take unlimited photos, the couple must pay for her transportation, provide her food, and other incidentals.

But while the ads on the “boyfriend for hire” craze were mostly jokes and pranks, Buenaflor is serious about her ad; though she said she won’t feel bad if people wouldn’t take her seriously and she wouldn’t get any clients.

So, if you’re in need of a third wheel photographer, check out her somewhat hilarious (but serious!) ad at the next page. Click “Next page below…