WATCH: Video of Messed Up ‘Rescue’ of Boy Who Drowned in Pool Angers Netizens

Screenshot of video by Enahs Ibanez / Facebook

The supposedly fun-filled outing of a family to Dream Land somewhere in Metro Manila on New Year’s Day had turned into tragedy after one of their kids drowned at the swimming pool.

But what angered many netizens is the video that had gone viral of the botched ‘rescue’ that messed up the child even more. Many netizens believe that the child had better chances of survival had he been brought to the hospital immediately after he was discovered instead of the adults trying to ‘rescue’ him even though they actually had no idea how to do it!

Screenshot of video by Enahs Ibanez / Facebook
Screenshot of video by Enahs Ibanez / Facebook

Many people were angry at the person who took the video as he/she could have called emergency services through 911; although it was likely that the person didn’t have cellphone load as someone could be heard asking around if anyone had load but on one said “yes”.

It was quite sad to see the child being mishandled in the supposed rescue and that no one actually knew how to perform CPR. Many blamed the resort for not having a lifeguard although others also pointed out that most resorts don’t actually have one and that parents should be the ones responsible over their kids’ safety!

What can you say about this clip?

Batang nalunod sa Dream land ( january 01 2017 ) 1:30pm
No life guard
No first aid

Posted by Enahs Ibanez on Saturday, December 31, 2016

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  1. anu bayan??? wala manlang nag-try irevive yung bata??? ang tatanda na ng mga tao na nandun walang nkaka-alam ng simpleng CPR??

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