WATCH: Interview Goes Well for Maria Caila Who ‘Cursed’ at Job Recruiter in Awkward Text Exchange

The internet was abuzz over the story of a certain Maria Caila Arceo who ‘cursed’ at a job recruiter in an awkward text exchange that would soon have the internet waiting with bated breath over what would happen next.

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The job recruiter from Stratworth Solutions, Inc. confirmed that they didn’t drop Caila based on her first reply to their message. It was also revealed that her scheduled interview at 9AM on January 25, 2017 will surely push through.

As people waited for an update from Caila over the interview so they could learn what happened and whether she was hired, nothing was posted on her personal Facebook page but those who were following Stratworth Solutions, Inc. got a surprise from the recruitment agency when its staff went live on Facebook to share their first meeting with the now viral job applicant.

Screenshot from video by Stratworth Solutions, Inc.

In the live video, Caila and the staff of the recruitment agency laughed over the incident in a rather informal job interview which led people to believe she was hired on the spot. There was also food on the table.

The job recruiter who sent her the message even treated her to a blended drink from Starbucks – and the drink bore her now famous name, Maria Caila.

Watch their lively interaction here:


With Caila #loveyalots

Posted by Stratworth Solutions, Inc. on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

While details were not shared on the post, we highly believe Caila had already been accepted!

Here’s another video from the recruitment agency:

Stratworth Solutions, Inc. meets Marie Caila. #Loveyalots

Posted by Stratworth Solutions, Inc. on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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