Sisters Who Ride a Horse to School Go Viral, Earn Praise for Their Determination Despite the Hardships They Face

Screenshot from report by Front Row

Going to school is a huge challenge for the Umila sisters who have to ride a horse and cross bridgeless rivers to get there yet despite the hardships they face, the two are determined to finish their studies – and this earned them the admiration of netizens who heard about their story through GMA News’ Front Row.

According to elder sister Heart, there was even one instance when the horse they were riding on had slipped on the trail. She would have been crushed by its body if she was not able to jump in the nick of time.

Screenshot from report by Front Row
Screenshot from report by Front Row

But the sisters were not afraid to get back on the horse again as it was the fastest way they could get to school; otherwise, they would have to walk for hours.

The determined sisters hope they would finish their studies as they wish to lift their family from poverty and help out, especially when their parents get old and sick. Heart wants to become an engineer while her younger sister Bea wants to be a doctor.

Thankfully, their parents are also determined to send them to school and are hoping that despite them (the parents) not being able to go to school in their time, their children will be the ones to graduate and live better lives.

We just hope these two will be able to find scholarships for college.

Watch their inspiring story here: