Mountain Village in Iligan Finally Gets a Safer Bridge after Dangerous Tightrope Bridge Goes Viral

While there are many instances when social media became a tool to harm people, such as in cyberbullying cases, there have also been a number of great things that came to fruition, thanks to social media.

One wonderful example is the story about the bridges in a mountainous village in Iligan City, southern Philippines.

Back in November 2016, a video of two school kids crossing a river via a tightrope bridge had gone viral on social media. The clip shows just how dangerous it was for the kids to cross the river using the tightrope, especially because they had no special equipment to ensure that they will not fall down to the waters below if they slip or accidentally let go of the rope!

Photo credit: Mark Villar / Facebook
Photo credit: Mark Villar / Facebook

After the clip was reposted by prominent social media personalities like Mocha Uson, people got in touch with Secretary Mark Villar of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Villar immediately told the local DPWH to check into the matter to resolve the problem.

This week, just some two months after the post had gone viral, the DPWH has completed a sturdy hanging bridge at the area! It still looks temporary because it is temporary!

The DPWH has promised to build a permanent bridge for this spot but because that required careful planning and plenty of funds, they made the hanging bridge as a temporary and swifter solution to the problem so that the villagers, especially the small kids, wouldn’t have to wait much longer for a safer bridge they can use to cross that river.

This is definitely good news! We hope the village gets its permanent bridge soon…