LOOK: Netizens Praise Inspiring Taxi Driver Who Bought Surprise Birthday Gift for Wife

While many of us take birthday and Christmas gifts for granted, there are many people who struggle to buy one for the special people in their lives due to lack of funds or have simply thought that giving gifts is for young ones.

These could be the main reasons why the story of an elderly taxi driver buying a surprise birthday gift for his wife had gone viral on Facebook.

Photos of the taxi driver were shared by netizen Alakarte Gonzales who happens to work in a convenience store. The driver had dropped by the store early one morning to buy a gift wrapper for his surprise gift but when the store only offered gift bags, he took a snack first before wrapping his gift.

Photo credit: Alakarte Gonzales / Facebook
Photo credit: Alakarte Gonzales / Facebook

He told Gonzales that the gift was for his wife who was celebrating her birthday that day.

Inspired by this thoughtful taxi driver, Gonzales took some photos and later shared the story on social media. He revealed that the driver had happily written a note to his wife and even sealed it inside an envelope before packing it with the gift.

The taxi driver was a bit hesitant about his gift because he just bought it from Divisoria but Gonzales assured him that the price of the gift does not matter because it is the thought behind the gift that truly counts.


Considering that he’s an old man who had gone shopping by himself to buy his wife a surprise gift, the story touched the hearts of many netizens and it had gone viral.

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