LOOK: Giant Waterspout Pictured in Tampa Bay

Waterspouts might be beautiful to look at and are less powerful than land tornadoes but they can also be quite scary and dangerous!

Recently, a photo of a rather incredible but especially dangerous waterspout went viral on Facebook. Shared by NTD Television, the photo was captioned, “Giant waterspout in Tampa Bay [Florida, US].”

Photo credit: NTD Television / Facebook
Photo credit: NTD Television / Facebook

We could only imagine how strong the wind was blowing when that waterspout formed – and by the looks of it, the waterspout could easily suck in a large ship! Thankfully, it seems that the area had been evacuated even before the giant waterspout was fully formed…

Have you ever seen a waterspout or a land tornado up close? I am quite sure I would be very scared if I get to see one – and I wouldn’t think of taking photos but would surely run away as fast as I can!