LOOK: Chinoy Goes Viral for Hilarious “Boyfriend for Rent” Ad for Chinese New Year

Everyone knows it’s not really that easy to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and that things don’t always work out but wouldn’t it be nice if you can just rent one for a day, with no strings attached?

Well, the Filipino culture is definitely not ready for that but with the practice being quite common in China, a guy decided to troll the “Boyfriend for Rent” market by posting a hilarious ad for Chinese New Year.

Agassi Ching posted this on Facebook:

Chinese New Year boyfriend rental available

  • 20 years old
  • 142lbs
  • 5’8
  • Chinoy
  • Visible Abs
  • Momma’s Boy but you can call me “Baby Daddy”
Photo credit: Agassi Ching

His rates:



P80/hour (student’s rate)

P600 (whole Chinese New Year)

So, what are the selling points of this boyfriend for rent?

  • has own gym
  • can lift you (from your sorrows)
  • gets along well with your family members and Relatives (also accepting angbao)
  • expert in cooking vienna sausage and century tuna
  • “Gwapo according to my parents”
  • Will travel with you anywhere you like (May waze naman)

He’s not perfect, though. He can’t do the following:

  • Speak fluent Mandarin
  • Defend you from flying cockroaches
  • Decline from accepting angbao
  • Play Mahjong
  • Make my eyes bigger

He charges extra for:

  • Car rental for pick-up (exclusive of gas)
  • Formal Attire

Ad he’s even to put off some personas; just choose one:

  1. Magic Mike (Pero medyo matigas lang katawan)
  2. Kdrama male lead (Ako mismo yung magdub)
  3. Dao Ming Si (Medyo Badboy pero loverboy)
  4. Workout partner
  5. Kung Fu Master (Kung FUmulutan maramihan)

But while many ladies were gushing over the post, he adds the postscript:

PS (Just for fun) Please don’t take this seriously.

Sigh. It was too good to be true. LOL.