Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Gamely Tries Durian and ‘Suha’ with Pres. Duterte

Photo credit: RTVM

In his 2-day visit to the Philippines, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not just visit Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s simple abode in Davao City and had breakfast at the house’s small kitchen, he also got to explore the rest of Duterte’s house (including his bedroom and his old ‘kulambo’) as well as sample some of his new friend’s favorite food, including monggo soup and rice cakes.

But netizens were more impressed over the prime minister’s humble attitude when he gamely tried durian served to him by Pres. Duterte. After all, durian has a rather strong smell and many people often have qualms about tasting the rather strange-looking fruit. Many even say the food is so unappealing they wouldn’t try it at all.

Photo credit: RTVM
Photo credit: RTVM

PM Abe gamely tried durian, though – and he seems to have enjoyed the fruit, actually. He was also served suha (grapefruit) which he also ate with gusto.

Watch the video of the two heads of state as they enjoyed ‘suha’ and durian together:

WATCH: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe tries the Philippines’ “durian” and “suha” with President Rodrigo Duterte. #AbeInPH

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Thursday, January 12, 2017