DOLE Announces Availability of 22,000 Jobs for Pinoy Nurses in Europe, But DOH Wants Nurses to Stay

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) was pleased to announce that there will be 22,000 jobs specifically available for Pinoy nurses in Europe, particularly in Russia and Germany.

These jobs pay well and the nurses can even bring their families to these countries, once their applications are approved and they are accepted by the hospitals or care facilities in these countries.

According to the report, nurses need to visit DOLE for more information and to pass their applications.

Photo credit: Pixabay
Photo credit: Pixabay

But while this appears to be good news to our nurses, the Department of Health (DOH) hopes that more of our health workers will stay in the country to help those in need. According to the report on ABS-CBN News, the DOH urges nurses, especially new graduates, to serve the local health industry as it lacks qualified nurses and medical professionals.

Still, many of our nurses are already serving the government and even private hospitals for free! In fact, many of the so-called ‘nurse volunteers’ are even paying the hospitals they are serving or working in just to be allowed to work there so they can have professional experience that they can use in applying for jobs abroad.

We could not also prevent our nurses (and other workers and professionals) from seeking jobs outside the country as these definitely pay several times more money than the local jobs!

Watch the ANC report here regarding the job hiring: